Updated on: Jan 9 2014

Tissue banks (Biobanks)



Underlying each of the following workpackages is a requirement for access to well characterised clinical material. We will establish tissue banks in the early months of the network and this work will interdigitate with the net-based communication system.


Present Status
Advanced molecular profiling methods require cell fractions with minimal contamination by non-specific cells. The proportion of myeloma cells found in bone marrow samples is generally below 50%. Thus, large-scale enrichment is necessary. So far, sample collection has not been standardized, which impairs comparability of laboratory results.


Preview of Programme Proposed
A minimum set of samples and data to be collected by every participating centre will be defined. Due to the high technical requirements of cell enrichment, specialised centres will be identified for this task;

  • identify a central laboratory in each country, which will hold the tissue bank and co-ordinate sample collection and enrichment procedures, as well as the maintenance and distribution of MM cell lines
  • prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the collection and storage of patient samples and the definition of sampling time points
  • establish a management committee composed of an individual from each country, most likely from the laboratory holding the tissue bank in order to ensure equitable access to this precious resource

Deliverables and Cooperations

  • construction of a common system for biobanks of tissue, cells, selected subsets, RNA, cDNA, DNA, serum, plasma and tissue fluids
  • SOP for extraction and storage of RNA, DNA, and protein fractions as well as generation of cDNA and amplification of RNA prior to application to microarrays
  • SOP for large-scale enrichment of myeloma plasma cells and quality control procedures during and after sample preparation
  • an Internet based database including information on samples collected and clinical data (see workpackage 1)
  • regulation for access of researchers to stored samples and data including a review of proposed projects by the EUMMNE scientific board.

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