Updated on: Jan 9 2014

Scientific Projects



In spite of recent progress in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma (MM) it remains as an incurable disease with poor prognosis. We perceive the future of cancer treatment as being in the development of personalised medicine strategies and MM is an excellent example where this approach can be tested during a translational research programme as proposed.

The primary goal of this project is to understand the mechanisms of treatment resistance in MM and to use this information to design specific therapeutic strategies aimed at overcoming it.

We have established a programme of work to study the genetics of treatment resistance as well as of “drug induced resistance” in samples derived from patients with treatment failure. Supplementing this clinical data, using innovative human models including extensive in-vitro studies of myeloma cell lines and in-vivo phase 0 trials in MM patients, we will identify the mechanisms underlying resistance and consequently identify novel therapeutic targets. During this process simultaneously with target validation we will develop pharmacodynamic markers able to aid in the drug development process.
The process will reverse translate the pre-clinical work into the clinic via the establishment of a phase I/II trial network, directed by extensive clinical expertise that will ensure the delivery and provide a clinical proof-of principle of the ability of a targeted treatment to overcome resistance. Finally, an essential component of the proposal is to establish the necessary infrastructures required for effective drug development that will support the process across Europe, with the defined purpose of improving outcomes in clinically relevant genetically defined subgroups.

It is the expectation that a positive review will enable the myeloma community in Europe to take a rapid step forward from early to late phase classical studies providing an evidence base for the introduction of better therapeutic strategies that will improve patient survival.

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